It’s amazing how we all have similar issues but suffer in silence, believing that we are all alone and that other people have got it figured out. The social media etiquette of only sharing the perfect versions of our lives (real or airbrushed) doesn’t help either, and indeed only reinforces the myth of the grass being positively more lush on the other side. Occasionally though, something happens which lifts this perfection veil. When this ‘something’ does happen, it helps all of us to ask the question, “you too?”, and facilitates a healthy desire to potentially seek the support that we need to make our goals and dreams that we have been harbouring/faking, a reality. The following messages that I received recently from three readers of my book, Behind Every Successful Woman Is…, aptly emphasises this point:


Thank you for being a shining example and for sharing your experience. By reading your book it has helped me a great deal to keep on driving through”.

“There were so many parts that I thought related to me. That’s the beauty of the book –  it really got me thinking about everything I do from how I interact at work to how I interact with my husband and kids”.

“I had so many “aha” moments reading this book. A lot of the stories had a resonance with me as I am sure it will with a lot of other women!”


There is only so much that a person can put into a 300-page book, so the feedback above validates my BESW coaching and training programme. This programme for women compliments the book and delivers much needed performance improvements for us, in the core challenges that we face. These include:

  • Developing self-confidence 
  • Developing assertiveness, negotiation and conflict management skills: at work, in business and in the home
  • Self-Promotion: How to get comfortable with promoting yourself, your work and your team’s work
  • Developing resilience: Building a business mindset & overcoming the need to take things personally
  • Developing strategies for balancing career with family effortlessly
  • Tips on how to work for a female boss

The BESW programme is available through a combination of online and face to face personalised sessions. Please get in touch by emailing, for an early discussion of your needs.

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