Hire Audrey

Speaking Engagements

Audrey is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a registered Business Change Management Practitioner with over 20 years corporate experience of leading and supporting people and organisations going through change.

Her presentations and talks consist of motivating, inspirational and relatable stories from personal experiences of challenges, obstacles, failures and lessons learned for team workshops and organisation events.

You can request to book Audrey by emailing  Audrey@bold4change.com


Behind Every Successful Woman (BESW) Training Programme 

As a Change coach and Author of the book, Behind Every Successful Woman Is…, Audrey recognises that there is only so much that can be fitted into 300-pages. This programme for women therefore compliments the book and delivers much needed performance improvements, in the core challenges that they face. The programme modules include:

1. Developing self-confidence

2. Developing assertiveness, negotiation and conflict management skills

3. Self-Promotion for career and business progression

4. Developing resilience & overcoming the habit of taking things personally

5. Developing strategies for balancing career with family effortlessly

6. Tips on how to work for a female boss

The BESW programme is available through a combination of online and face to face personalised sessions. To book a free consultation, call Audrey on 07931 352134 or email Audrey@bold4change.com


Personal coaching sessions

Tailored 121 coaching interventions for people either already going through all types of professional or personal changes or who want to map out and achieve the changes that they want to happen.

The Coaching4Change services specifically empowers you to:

  1. Be honest with yourself on your vision of success, dreams and goals that excite you.
  2. Articulate the Why of your goals, the veracity and impact of your dissatisfaction with your current status quo
  3. Understand at a “hearts and minds” level, the need for change and fully buy into it.
  4. Increase your desire to support and participate in the change instead of resisting or sabotaging, and to put in place the practical steps and plan to put in place to achieve the change you seek
  5. Develop the required skills and behaviours needed to support and sustain the change once it occurs.
  6. Increase your confidence, enjoy the change journey and navigate through the obstacles and challenges to success, always remembering that “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Only 10 places are available throughout any given year. To apply for your place email  Audrey@bold4change.com