The subconscious mind is very powerful, and many of us have not yet realised the amount of information, ideas and beliefs that it processes over time.

As a result, the way we tend to feel about ourselves & our capabilities (or lack thereof), can be said to have a lot less to do with independent thought, and more to do with what we have taken in e.g. through adverts and life experiences. Since we are constantly receiving so much information which has the capability of changing the way we view ourselves, what are the practical steps that we are taking to filter out negative information?

The upcoming movie, I Feel Pretty, Starring Amy Schumer, illustrates the idea of self-perception and confidence very well.



This movie trailer shows that having confidence not only changes the way we see ourselves, but the way the world around us responds to this too. This is especially important for us as women, if we want to thrive in our own lives and workplaces.

My new BESW coaching and training programme, based on the principles of my latest book, Behind Every Successful Woman Is…, consists of various modules designed to help women in the core challenges that they face. This includes tools to develop in self-promotion, assertiveness and self-confidence.

My programme is available through a combination of online and face to face sessions, and is personalised specifically for you. Contact me now at for more information, and for an early discussion of your needs.

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