As a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a workplace coach and a registered Change Management Practitioner, I am very passionate about developing emerging female leaders, through my BESW training programme, to become authentic, adaptable and resilient in the pursuit of their goals. Developing self-confidence is one of the modules of the programme and below is a blog from Isabelle, a student of the self-confidence module.


I was recently invited by The Company- an organisation which supports young adults of my age group with an entrepreneurial spark, to become their own bosses- to lead a session on self-confidence and building your own brand. I am glad to report that the session went well and the feedback was very positive. Not only was I able to speak about confidence, but I also practised it- by unconventionally singing at the end of the presentation. It paid off. 

One of the things that I appreciated the most about the session was its interactivity. It was amazing to be able to both teach and learn simultaneously, through the thoughts that were exchanged. There I was, in a room with creative entrepreneurial minds, watching them speak about what branding and confidence meant to them, whilst displaying said confidence in their delivery. I believed in their dreams and aspirations, and it inspired me. In fact, it almost frightened me.  

I think it’s safe to say that at times in life, we will all experience self-doubt, especially when we are asked to teach or deliver a talk. And for me, it was apparent in that moment, as I began to mentally question whether what I was doing was actually needed, with thoughts such as, “Why was I invited to speak? They already know what they are doing. They couldn’t possibly need my help”. However, I have learned that if we are not careful to face and tackle these types of thoughts head-on, we will make the mistake of falling into a trap of feeling unqualified and unworthy. This will ultimately lead to us not developing to our fullest potential.

 Thanks to Audrey’s prior mentoring and training sessions, these thoughts did not last very long, and I delivered a confident presentation on how to BE confident. Audrey’s 1-1 training has been especially helpful for me, and without her developing self-confidence coaching programme, it would have been much more difficult.


The BESW programme compliments the book  Behind Every Successful Woman Is…, and  consists of various  modules specifically designed to deliver much needed performance improvements in the core challenges that women face. The programme is available through a combination of online and face to face personalised sessions. Please get in touch by emailing, for an early discussion of your needs.

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