About Audrey

Every woman can have it all. Full Stop. Even if it doesn’t necessarily mean having it all at the same time.

In my latest book ‘Behind Every Successful Woman is… The Good, The Bad and The Mundane that women navigate through, to succeed’, I give tried and tested approaches to help you create, keep and build your career as well as manage the highs and lows of the journey to being a successful woman.

Success is when you’re honest with yourself about what it means to you, regardless of whether others approve. The key is putting in the hard work, being determined to achieve it and ignoring the temptation to give up.

I’ve broken the book down into three sections, with topics such as determination, guilt, crisis of confidence and family & sacrifices.

In each chapter, I explain how myself and other women like you have overcome the typical hurdles we face and how to do it with confidence, even when you may not always feel it.

Ultimately, this book shows you that any and every woman can achieve success. It also helps men to understand women and our perspectives better – which is key if we are to achieve true equality.

I wrote this book because although we are in a world where almost everything and anything is possible, we still find ourselves carrying the perception that a woman can only be successful if she sacrifices family life or career. People often ask me, ‘How did you manage to hold down a successful career and have a family?’ I’ve never heard any of my male colleagues being asked the same question.

I want to show women that they are capable of success in every area of their lives. Through the book I’ll give you the confidence to get the support and resources you need. I’ll help you take the steps to be bold, shape and achieve your own vision of success and to develop the tools you need to take on life head on.

Key facts

  • 20+ years experience in industry
  • A qualified lawyer
  • Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Managing Director of Change Management Consultancy firm, Facilitate4Me